Saturday, February 23, 2013

Adoption is Forever, Even on Vacation

I'm sitting by a pool in a town well known for its low key, fun loving atmosphere. I have the entire pool and garden area to myself right now, not counting the black and white kitty who is lounging on a shady step.  My flip flops have been tossed carelessly to the ground, and there's one more beer in my ice bucket.  This is the good stuff.

There's just one little problem.  I said I was alone, but really I'm not.  Adoption is right here with me.

I just listened to a phone message, and am fairly sure a sibling I just recently met is going to be moving pretty far away.  Where we each live now, there's a bit of a drive, but it's close enough that we still have the opportunity to connect and build a relationship. The possible move, which I had heard about earlier and may now be becoming a reality, would make that a lot more difficult.  If we had grown up knowing each other, this wouldn't be such a big deal. But we didn't. The society that thought children born to unmarried parents would be better off being given to other people and stripped of any knowledge of our biological families or siblings saw to that via the adoption machine.

So, I a few minutes ago I sat here in this beautiful little spot and didn't even bother to wipe away my tears.  The kitty didnt seem to mind, and I was glad not to have to pretend that everything was OK.  I already do that enough where adoption is concerned.

There are blogs and t-shirts and happy adoptive parents all informing me that ADOPTION IS FOREVER!!

Trust me, I don't need any reminders.


  1. thank you for this post. beautiful, and i am sorry about you losing your new found closeness.

  2. Hugs to you, WP. I could literally picture the whole scenario as you described it. We never stop being adopted, do we?